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Business Wire

News Distribution & Online Press Kit options for SC14
Business Wire offers exhibitors and presenting companies several communications and measurement tools to maximize your public relations efforts at SC14 including the following:

News Release and Content Distribution
Distribute your news and digital content to key media, analysts, trade media, investors and much more worldwide. All news releases issued via Business Wire automatically post to the show Online Media Centre for easy access.

News releases automatically receive the NewsTrak measurement and analytics reports which will help you measure the performance of each individual press release. NewsTrak provides viewership information, traffic and search data, sharing information and other key numbers for you to plug into your own measurement programs.

With every English-language press release, you’ll also receive a NUVI social media monitoring report. This detailed report will help you track and understand the social media activity that occurs as a result of your press release.

Online Press Kit
Go digital and create an easily accessible and shareable online press kit. The kit includes its own dedicated wire advisory, social media sharing links, ability to swap files and more starting at $295.

Formulate an effective trade show PR strategy and improve your media coverage with EventTrak.  EventTrak provides you with direct links to articles written about SC14, comprehensive online author and blogger lists (including contact information), key event themes, full coverage for the previous year's event, detailed post-event recap report, and the ability to search, browse and export data. Free with the Online Press Kit or $150 alone.

For more information:
Email tradeshow@businesswire.com or Click here to order services.

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