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The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

Parallel High-Order Geometric Multigrid Methods on Adaptive Meshes for Highly Heterogeneous Nonlinear Stokes Flow Simulations of Earth's Mantle.

Authors: Johann Rudi (University of Texas at Austin), Hari Sundar (University of Utah), Tobin Isaac (University of Texas at Austin), Georg Stadler (University of Texas at Austin), Michael Gurnis (California Institute of Technology), Omar Ghattas (University of Texas at Austin)

Best Poster Finalist

Abstract: The simulation of Earth's mantle flow with associated plate motion at global scale is challenging due to (1) the severe nonlinear rheology, (2) the viscosity variations, and (3) the widely-varying spatial scales inherent in the problem. We discretize the governing nonlinear incompressible Stokes equations using high-order finite elements on highly adapted meshes, which allow us to resolve plate boundaries down to a few hundred meters. Crucial components in our scalable solver are an efficient, collective communication-free, parallel implementation of geometric multigrid for high-order elements, the use of a Schur complement preconditioner that is robust with respect to extreme viscosity variations, and the use of an inexact Newton solver combined with grid-continuation methods. We present results based on real Earth data that are likely the most realistic global scale mantle flow simulations conducted to date.

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