SC14 New Orleans, LA

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

Development of Distributed Parallel Explicit Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) Method and Zoom Up Tsunami Analysis on Urban Areas.

Authors: Kohei Murotani (University of Tokyo), Seiichi Koshizuka (University of Tokyo), Masao Ogino (Nagoya University), Ryuji Shioya (Toyo University), Yasushi Nakabayashi (Toyo University)

Abstract: In this research, a distributed memory parallel algorithm of the explicit MPS (Moving Particle Simulation) method is described. The MPS method is one of the popular particle method with collision. The ParMETIS is adopted for domain decomposition. We show the algorithm and the results of parallel scalability in our poster using the FX10 of the University of Tokyo. As the applications, a large-scale run-up tsunami analysis such as inundating the Ishinomaki urban area and carrying two 10m diameter tanks by the tsunami is done.

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