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The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

Early Evaluation of the SX-ACE Processor.

Authors: Ryusuke Egawa (Tohoku University), Shintaro Momose (NEC Corporation), Kazuhiko Komatsu (Tohoku University), Yoko Isobe (NEC Corporation), Hiroyuki Takizawa (Tohoku University), Akihiro Musa (NEC Corporation), Hiroaki Kobayashi (Tohoku University)

Abstract: Using practical scientific and engineering applications, this poster presents early performance evaluation of the SX-ACE vector processor, which is the latest vector processor developed by NEC in 2013. While inheriting the advantages of the vector architecture, the SX-ACE processor is designed so as to overcome the drawbacks of conventional vector processors by introducing several architectural features. To unveil the potential of the SX-ACE processor, this poster evaluates and discusses how the brand-new vector processor is beneficial to achieve a high sustained performance on practical science and engineering simulations. Evaluation results show that, for a wide range of practical simulations, SX-ACE potentially achieves a higher sustained performance than its predecessor SX-9 and existing scalar processors.

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