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The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

A Multiple Time Stepping Algorithm for Efficient Multiscale Modeling of Platelets Flowing in Blood Plasma.

Authors: Na Zhang (Stony Brook University), Peng Zhang (Stony Brook University), Li Zhang (Stony Brook University), Danny Bluestein (Stony Brook University), Yuefan Deng (Stony Brook University)

Abstract: Numerical simulation of complex biological systems is an immense computational and algorithmic challenge primarily due to modeling complexity and disparate spatiotemporal scales of the mechanisms occur. We develop a parallel multiscale multiple time-stepping (MTS) algorithm for exploring the mechanisms at disparate spatiotemporal scales. Specifically, we apply our algorithm on parallel computers to study flow-induced platelet-mediated thrombogenicity. This MTS algorithm improves considerably computational efficiency without significant loss of accuracy. This poster presents mathematical models and multiscale methods for study of dynamic properties of flowing platelets, multiscale parallel algorithms for reducing computing time, implementation, and quantitative analysis of performance metrics versus accuracy metrics. This MTS algorithm establishes a computationally feasible approach for performing efficient multiscale simulations.

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