SC14 New Orleans, LA

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

Cosmography with SDvision.

Authors: Daniel Pomarede (CEA Saclay and Institute of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe), Helene Courtois (University Claude Bernard I, CNRS National Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics and Lyon Institute of Nuclear Physics), Yehuda Hoffman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), R. Brent Tully (University of Hawaii, Honolulu)

Abstract: Cosmography is the creation of maps of the Universe. Using the SDvision 3D visualization software developed within the framework of IDL Object Graphics, we have established a cosmography of the Local Universe, based on multiple data products from the Cosmic Flows Project. These data include catalogs of redshifts, catalogs of peculiar velocities, and reconstructed density and velocity fields. On the basis of the various visualization techniques offered by the SDvision software, that rely on multicore computing and OpenGL hardware acceleration, we have created maps displaying the structure of the Local Universe where the most prominent features such as voids, clusters of galaxies, filaments and walls, are identified and named. These maps highlight peculiar conformations in the cosmic flows such as the streaming along filaments, or the existence of local attractors and repellers. This visualization software was used in the discovery of the frontiers of Laniakea, our Home Supercluster of galaxies.

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