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The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

A Framework for Analyzing the Community Land Model within the Community Earth System Models.

Authors: Dali Wang (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Wei Wu (University of Tennessee), Yang Xu (University of Tennessee), Tomislav Janjusic (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Wei Ding (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Frank Winkler (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Nick Forrington (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Oscar Hernandez (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Abstract: As environmental models (such as Accelerated Climate Model for Energy (ACME), Parallel Reactive Flow and Transport Model (PFLOTRAN), Arctic Terrestrial Simulator (ATS), etc.) became more and more complicated, we will need new tools to expedite integrated model developments and facilitate the collaborations between field scientists, environmental system modelers and computer scientists. In this poster, we present our methods and efforts to analyze the Community Land Model (CLM), a terrestrial ecosystem model within the Community Earth System Models (CESM)). Specifically, we demonstrate our objectives, methods and software tools to support interactive software structure exploration and automatic functional testing code generation, compiler analysis and interesting works on code porting preparations for pre-ExaScale computers. We believe that our experience on the environmental model, CLM, can be beneficial to many other scientific research programs which adapt the integrated, component-based modeling methodology on high-end computers.

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