SC14 New Orleans, LA

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

Using IKAROS to Form Scalable Storage Platforms.

Authors: Christos Filippidis (National Center of Scientific Research Demokritos), Yiannis Cotronis (University of Athens), Christos Markou (National Center of Scientific Research Demokritos)

Abstract: We present IKAROS as a utility that permit us to form virtual scalable storage platforms. IKAROS is a data centric, energy aware platform seeking synergies between wider communities, permits ad-hoc nearby storage formations and is able to use a huge number of low spec, low power consumption I/O nodes in order to increase the available bandwidth and decrease the overall power consumption. It unifies remote and local access in the overall data flow, by permitting direct access to each I/O node. This approach enable users to virtually connect the several different computing facilities (Grids, Clouds, HPCs, Data Centers, Local computing Clusters and personal storage devices), being utilized by an international collaborative experiment, on-demand based on their needs.

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