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The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

In Situ MPAS-Ocean Image-Based Visualization.

Authors: James Aherns (Kitware, Inc.), Sebastien Jourdain (Kitware, Inc.), Patrick O'Leary (Kitware, Inc.), John Patchett (Los Alamos National Laboratory), David Rogers (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Patricia Fasel (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Andrew Bauer (Kitware, Inc.), Mark Petersen (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Francesca Samsel (University of Texas at Austin), Benjamin Boeckel (Kitware, Inc.)

Abstract: Due to power and I/O constraints associated with extreme scale scientific simulations, in situ visualization and analysis will become a critical component to scientific discovery. The options for extreme scale visualization and analysis are often presented as a stark contrast: write files to disk for interactive, exploratory analysis, or perform in situ analysis to save data products about phenomena that a scientists knows about in advance. In this video demonstrating large-scale visualization of MPAS-Ocean simulations, we leveraged a third option based on ParaView Cinema, which is a novel framework for highly interactive, image-based in situ visualization and analysis that promotes exploration.

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