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SCHEDULE: NOV 16-21, 2014

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A Computation- And Communication-Optimal Parallel Direct 3-Body Algorithm

SESSION: Parallel Algorithms


TIME: 3:30PM - 4:00PM


AUTHOR(S):Penporn Koanantakool, Katherine Yelick



Traditional particle simulation methods are used to calculate pairwise potentials, but some problems require 3-body potentials that calculate over triplets of particles. A direct calculation of 3-body interactions involves O(n^3) interactions, but has significant redundant computations that occur in a nested loop formulation. In this paper we explore algorithms for 3-body computations that simultaneously optimize three criteria: computation minimization through symmetries, communication optimality, and load balancing. We present a new 3-body algorithm that is both communication and computation optimal. Its optional replication factor, c, saves c^3 in latency (number of messages) and c^2 in bandwidth (volume), with bounded load-imbalance. We also consider the k-body case and discuss an algorithm that is optimal if there is a cutoff distance of less than 1/3 of the domain. The 3-body algorithm demonstrates 99% efficiency on tens of thousands of cores, showing strong scaling properties with order of magnitude speedups over the naïve algorithm.

Chair/Author Details:

Judith C. Hill (Chair) - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Penporn Koanantakool - University of California, Berkeley

Katherine Yelick - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Paper also available from IEEE Computer Society