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SCHEDULE: NOV 16-21, 2014

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Real-Time Scalable Cortical Computing at 46 Giga-Synaptic OPS/Watt with ~100x Speedup in Time-to-Solution and ~100,000x Reduction in Energy-to-Solution

SESSION: ACM Gordon Bell Finalist I

EVENT TYPE: Award Presentations & Award Talks, ACM Gordon Bell Finalists

TIME: 2:30PM - 3:00PM


AUTHOR(S):Andrew S. Cassidy, Rodrigo Alvarez-Icaza, Filipp Akopyan, Jun Sawada, John V. Arthur, Paul A. Merolla, Pallab Datta, Marc Gonzalez Tallada, Brian Taba, Alexander Andreopoulos, Arnon Amir, Steven K. Esser, Jeff Kusnitz, Rathinakumar Appuswamy, Chuck Haymes, Bernard Brezzo, Roger Moussalli, Ralph Bellofatto, Christian Baks, Michael Mastro, Kai Schleupen, Charles E. Cox, Ken Inoue, Steve Millman, Nabil Imam, Emmett McQuinn, Yutaka T. Nakamura, Ivan Vo, Chen Guo, Don Nguyen, Scott Lekuch, Sameh Assad, Daniel Friedman, Bryan L. Jackson, Myron D. Flickner, William P. Risk, Rajit Manohar, Dharmendra S. Modha

ROOM:New Orleans Theater


Drawing on neuroscience, we have developed a parallel, event-driven kernel for neurosynaptic computation, that is efficient with respect to computation, memory, and communication. Building on the previously demonstrated highly-optimized software expression of the kernel, here, we demonstrate TrueNorth, a co-designed silicon expression of the kernel. TrueNorth achieves five orders of magnitude reduction in energy-to-solution and two orders of magnitude speedup in time-to-solution, when running computer vision applications and complex recurrent neural network simulations. Breaking path with the von Neumann architecture, TrueNorth is a 4,096 core, 1 million neuron, and 256 million synapse brain-inspired neurosynaptic processor, that consumes 65mW of power running at real-time and delivers performance of 46 Giga-Synaptic OPS/Watt. We demonstrate seamless tiling of TrueNorth chips into arrays, forming a foundation for cortex-like scalability. TrueNorth's unprecedented time-to-solution, energy-to-solution, size, scalability, and performance combined with the underlying flexibility of the kernel enable a broad range of cognitive applications.

Chair/Author Details:

Taisuke Boku (Chair) - University of Tsukuba

Andrew S. Cassidy - IBM Corporation

Rodrigo Alvarez-Icaza - IBM Corporation

Filipp Akopyan - IBM Corporation

Jun Sawada - IBM Corporation

John V. Arthur - IBM Corporation

Paul A. Merolla - IBM Corporation

Pallab Datta - IBM Corporation

Marc Gonzalez Tallada - IBM Corporation

Brian Taba - IBM Corporation

Alexander Andreopoulos - IBM Corporation

Arnon Amir - IBM Corporation

Steven K. Esser - IBM Corporation

Jeff Kusnitz - IBM Corporation

Rathinakumar Appuswamy - IBM Corporation

Chuck Haymes - IBM Corporation

Bernard Brezzo - IBM Corporation

Roger Moussalli - IBM Corporation

Ralph Bellofatto - IBM Corporation

Christian Baks - IBM Corporation

Michael Mastro - IBM Corporation

Kai Schleupen - IBM Corporation

Charles E. Cox - IBM Corporation

Ken Inoue - IBM Corporation

Steve Millman - IBM Corporation

Nabil Imam - Cornell University

Emmett McQuinn - IBM Corporation

Yutaka T. Nakamura - IBM Corporation

Ivan Vo - IBM Corporation

Chen Guo - IBM Corporation

Don Nguyen - IBM Corporation

Scott Lekuch - IBM Corporation

Sameh Assad - IBM Corporation

Daniel Friedman - IBM Corporation

Bryan L. Jackson - IBM Corporation

Myron D. Flickner - IBM Corporation

William P. Risk - IBM Corporation

Rajit Manohar - Cornell University

Dharmendra S. Modha - IBM Corporation

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