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Promotional Sponsorships

Cash In & Win
Participate in this exciting opportunity to dramatically increase your booth traffic! Attendees will visit your booth to receive a stamp for their scorecard, allowing them to participate in the daily drawings to win $1,000 in cash.

Signature Sponsorship
As a Signature Sponsor, attendees are required to visit and drop off their scorecard in your booth in order to be eligible to participate. The daily drawings will take place in your booth. Each Signature Sponsor will receive their name and logo on an advertisement in the exhibits directory, logo on the Cash In & Win scorecard, and logo on the onsite signage.
Investment: $8,000

Stamp Sponsorship
As a stamp sponsor, attendees will be required to visit your booth for your stamp in order to be eligible for the prize drawing. Each stamp sponsor will receive acknowledgement in the exhibits directory and onsite signage.
Investment: $1,000

Rapid Charge Station
Sponsor the Rapid Charge Station where attendees can recharge their laptops, cell phones, iPad or other wireless devices and your company logo or message will be displayed on all signage in this area.
Investment: $5,000

The Sponsorship Order Form can be found here.

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